I'm an artist based in Brooklyn. My work is primarily in fibers and illustration. My interests (obsessions!) include sealife (any and all), memories, Disney, DIY projects.  My work is based around fragmented memories of time past, of things that the mind tries to piece together to form a solid memory. Everyone remembers different aspects of an event, usually the parts that have impacted them the most. While some of my work is based off of personal memories I also draw inspiration from those around me and hope  that others can form a bond with my pieces based on their own personal experiences. By bringing in their own experiences they can draw different imagery and conclusions towards the work.  I am interested in the process of making the work, just as much as the end result. I work in heavily time consuming ways which help to bring the piece into a different light then it may have originally been imagined. Maybe just as the mind can fragment a memory, it can fragment and morph an idea into something you never expected. I am drawn towards working in with fiber material because of the intimacy I am forced to have. The closeness and relationship I form with each new piece helps me to understand and work through my ideas as it unfolds. I am always interested in new techniques and ways to push my work and thinking to the next level. I want to be a puppet builder because it embodies everything in a career and lifestyle that I could ever dream of. The puppet world is where I want to be now, and for as long as I can still sit and sew. I want to be able to help create the wonder and happiness that I was so drawn to as a child, and bring that to the children of now, and the future. Right now the search is on for the right home for me and my puppets to live, grow and create.